I am humbled and angered by this world, its stupid beauty and over-clever people. I look at a flower and only see colored petals. Everyone else sees these amazing, marvelous things while I’m standing in a field, confused and vaguely sad. I do not attribute anything to anything and I’m left with nothing but life itself. I am still unsure if that is good or bad. Everybody else is comparing notes, reviewing ideas. Here I am, looking at the ground, content with my lack of interest. What more do we need to learn? What hasn’t been provided? As humans, we have more or less drained the well.

        Your heart swells while mine hardens. Your eyes sparkle while mine narrow and hide. Your magic glows while my logic trumps itself over and over, leaving me exhausted. I do not care about the big picture or even the little ones. All of the complexities that people pine over can be forgotten. All of the details can fade. I figured it out.

        This world is simple if you turn away from it; you can be alone with only your thoughts if you really want to be. But trust me, you really don’t want to be.