epkweeks asked:

When will your interview with NPR be aired?

It will be a typed, not broadcast, I believe; I don’t know when it will be published. This morning I answered a few followup questions and there’s still a couple loose ends I have to look at, apparently. I thought this was just going to be a promo piece for the Prison Noir book but it’s appearing to be bigger than that. I know Joyce Carol Oates is in the article, and the writer has reached out to other contributors—I really don’t know much more.

I’ve asked to see the piece before it’s done, so hopefully that will happen and we’ll see how it comes across. So far all I know is that the writer showed some of my responses to their mother and their mother cried. I guess that’s good. At any rate, when I know, all of you guys will know.

Buk, old friend, even
when I moved on
from all of that
I always come back
, nerves on fire:
the rent
the POs
the deadliness
of everyday. we
all knew
you knew
how damned
the days
; and always.

when the wine
is gone
I come back
to your table
there in those dirty
apartments, not too
from places I went on
to see, experience
, live in.

Buk, old friend, even
when I thought
I was better off
reading something else. no.
that was stupid
to think
, even if it was right.

born aug 16, 1920.

Finished an article on a local boxing trainer/ex-cop/peace activist/poet (complete with photographs taken with Polagraph film); also worked up a rough draft of my piece for the Twin Peaks Project—and currently I’m editing a short story to send to a very fine lit mag. A productive day, hopefully with more to come this evening.

Oh, so Mike Brown may have robbed a goddamn kwik-e-mart, still unarmed, for some smokes?! Even though the dispatch response seems to have nothing to do with this incident and the only people adhering to this story are the police?

Well, either way, I was worried Brown may have done something unworthy of being shot in the fucking face. 

Boy am I relieved…