"My chance at chances are enough."

— SIX WORDS (4/19/14)

Hey guys, I’m doing a Gofundme to try and get out to Portland for the Tin House Summer Writing Workshop this July. Absolutely any help is appreciated. Donations are great and even just sharing this post is great. Whatever you can do, please do! Thanks.

YAY Tin House BOO poverty

Not sure what to do. Just got accepted to the Tin House summer writing workshop, but I didn’t get the much needed scholarship, so I’m scrambling to figure something the hell out.

Maybe an IndieGogo campaign or something. Fuck, I dunno.

"My life, swing and a miss."

— SIX WORDS (4/17/14)

"In her eyes I saw everything."

— SIX WORDS (4/16/14)

fleececoncrete asked: I just fell in love with my best friend... Can you write me a piece?

Our relationship sailed into new waters.

CURRENTLY: Megabus 4/16

  • Megabus Worker: Alright folks, you cannot leave your things on the seats to try and avoid having someone sit next to you; people are still boarding this bus and if they need to sit next to you, they have every right to! Again, don't leave things on the seats.
  • Passenger 1, across the aisle, two seats up: Oh nobody would do that here, we're not inconsiderate; we're from Pittsburgh.
  • (Passenger 1 reclines their seat back.)
  • Passenger 2, across the aisle, one seat up: Could you please put that seat up, I don't feel like having it squeezed against me.
  • Passenger 1: Well, I'm allowed, you know? They give you enough room. I'm tired, I'd like to put the seat back.
  • Passenger 2: Well could you not put it back all the way?
  • Passenger 1: You know what...For you, I'll just put it UP all the way. How's that? Better? Jesus I hope you're not from Pittsburgh.
  • (People begin laughing. The two mutter between each other and to themselves.)
  • Megabus Automated Safety Video: Hello and thank you for choosing to travel with Megabus. We strive for both your safety and your comfort...etc...This bus is equipped with free wifi, electrical plugs, reclining seats, and...
  • Passenger 1: Oh wow, reclining seats? Really? That must be nice.
  • Random Passenger, location unknown: Oh SHUT UP.
"Hope itself is the entire redemption."

— SIX WORDS (4/16/14)


Thank you. It means a lot to me for you guys to be so kind, so encouraging. However, don’t think for a second that my feelings were too hurt over the situation! It stinks to get a rejections, especially because, lately, I’ve been extremely picky about where I send my work. I wouldn’t say I’ve tailored anything to certain publications, but I have definitely made sure my stories ‘fit’ well with where I’m sending them off to. But oh well. Rejections are part of the game, one of the biggest parts. It never feels good to get a rejection, but it makes those acceptances that much sweeter when they come.

Anonymous asked: What's your fantasy life/life you imagine? Do you want to find a gal and get married or become a famous writer or maybe movie to Paris and become a photographer?

I’m not sure. I cannot go to Europe, probably ever. Techincal issues. Hell, this is a tough question. I know I found a gal, so that’s a start. Photography is expensive because I still like using film. All that leaves is a place to be. I got an apartment now, and it’s pretty nice. Fairly cheap, but the neighbor downstairs never fucking leaves so I can rarely listen to music at a desirable level or work the punching bag. That stinks.

Anyway, for fun I’ve been looking at Sheriff’s Sale houses in the Pittsburgh area. Can you imagine getting an entire house for $938? But I like apartments, I like the energy of them. Then I’ve been reading different how-to’s on building a small cabin. I’m all over the place. I’ve lived in the South, the Midwest, and I travel in and out New York every week. I’m glad you said ‘famous’ writer instead of ‘successful’ writer because, while I’m not sure what either one really means, at least ‘famous’ allows the distinct likelihood that I will be dirt-poor all my life.

I’ve said it before: home is where your heart is, and that is in my chest. I’ll figure everything else out from that point.

Three rejection letters in one day! Oh boy.

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"The world ends with us, apologizing."

— SIX WORDS (4/15/14)

"Head down, collar up, traveling on."

— SIX WORDS (4/14/14)

17 Nano-Stories


He couldn’t get a job but he still drank. She approached him like she would a hurt lion and dragged him to bed; at least he’d lost weight.


They met on a cruise, married days later. He hardly knew her but that was the appeal. She got ill soon after the honeymoon. Prostate cancer.


She loved him because he was alive; he was truly alive in a way most people weren’t. That was what she said at his service, anyway.


        “Are you awake?” he asked.
        No answer.
        “I love you.”
        He should have said it while she was awake. She left for England a couple weeks later.


Her skirt was covered in blood.
        “Wanna try again?” she pleaded.
        He said, “No,” gave her ten dollars, and dropped her off at the hospital.


        “Are you from Hollywood?” he asked.
        “Me? No I’m not.”
        “Really? I could have swore you were!”
        He didn’t swear, but I will. What the fuck.


Surprisingly, the deer was fine. Jay was not.
        The car was still running when they found him in the rain.


Winning contests, awards, getting into magazines, he was steadily becoming an admired writer. If only that dishwasher job would call back.


She was so damn beautiful, he thought. So fragile. He parked the car in the woods. Later, driving back, he dumped his clothes at a landfill.


He was still on the ground in the morning. His jaw hurt. They were both gone; he was alone. He’d never been so proud of his son, though.


Davis has two million dollars and a lot of luggage tags; the only place he hadn’t been in months was home. The FBI still hadn’t caught up.


Like Lazarus, he lived after death; unlike Lazarus, he was wanted in three states for statutory rape. That’d made his ‘suicide’ necessary.


The jury decided and the judge sentenced him: five hundred years. With good behavior, he thought, he might get out in two hundred and fifty.


CERN scientists said they’d found the God particle, “the key to everything.” Later, one of them was mugged. Nothing had changed that much.


The phone rang, waking him from a nightmare. “We want you to be a pallbearer. She would’ve liked that.” He hung up and went back to sleep.


She could only get herself 302ed so often before people thought she just craved attention and hospital beds. She decided to try harder.


You can beat the devil or you can beat God, but not both, he thought to himself as he made up his bed and blinked at the sun.

Some of these stories originally appeared on Nanoism.net over the last few months.

(Source: ericboydblog)

Anonymous asked: I'm confused again. The story, Honeymoon. That last line. Was SHE a man??

That’s correct.

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