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Anonymous asked: do you think I could have a 6 word about long distance relationships and how awesome it is to be in love but how much it sucks not to be able to hold them in your arms and kiss their face? thank you!! p.s. your work is amazing oh my god

Souls still touching while bodies cannot.


Fear does you in the fastest,
strips you naked slowly,
exposes your skin to the sting of winter
and makes your heart an icicle
while your blood protests
and your ears are deaf
and all is panic and breathing.

Inspired by EricBoyd's:

does you in
the fastest.

—  SIX WORD POEM (10/11/13)

Poem inspired by an old six worder. Great stuff.

Seek the storytellers in the backstreets.

—SIX WORDS (9/19/14)


  1. Got an acceptance on a short story that’d been sitting for nine months, but it’s a very respectable place to have a story so I’m happy regardless; often a story just sits. Forever. I got about a dozen stories I sent to Playboy that have never even been opened. Whenever that goes online, you’ll all know.

  2. An interview I did for “Prison Noir” just went live, so I’ll post that soon.

  3. I’ll be in another anthology next year. This one will feature (supposedly) Joyce Carol Oates, ZZ Packer, Tim O’Brien, Sarah Shotland, Jamaica Kincaid, and Denis Johnson. So that’s all good.

  4. Speaking of anthologies, I’ll be editing Rust Belt Chic’s next collection, which will exclusively contain stories in/about Pittsburgh. I’ll be putting out an official call for that early next month. 

  5. Finally, I’ll be on a panel at a writing conference coming up in the middle of next month. Again, I’ll post about that at some point coming up.
Bow before my culinary excellence.

Bow before my culinary excellence.

Forest fires fail to warm me.

A great six worder sent in by Saltnest.

Sometimes fate beckons, sometimes it begs.

—SIX WORDS (9/18/14)

Time is on no man’s side.

—SIX WORDS (9/17/14)

School’s cool.

School’s cool.

Whittling the pretense, growing the soul.

—SIX WORDS (9/16/14)

Imagined secrets are impossible to disprove.

—SIX WORDS (9/15/14)

Dawn Gordon Stalker Extraordinaire - Skepti-Schism

Dawn Gordon stalker from Brampton Ontario. This is an area that will showcase images, screencaps, URL, storify bits and pieces, emails, and much more.

Turns out the person who is obsessed with me is some nutjob from Ontario who stalks people…for God or something.

This woman thinks (as best I can piece together) that I am an escaped, 45-year old convict from Kentucky in the middle of serving 80 years for, among other things, sodomy. Apparently a girl named Sue is very nervous about all of this and I have stolen passwords of some kind from a man named David. Something like that…

Searching this person’s username as a tag (spiritualstanza) results in a lot of folks sharing stories about their insane, odd mission against, its seems, quite a few people. Looks like they troll the ‘TWC’ tag looking for people to harass. I’m really not sure why. It’s funny to visit her page for a few minutes bit it quickly becomes sad as it’s obvious this woman needs some kind of help. I made the mistake of reblogging something of hers to prove my point of her stalking, but I see that she’s just really excited to get ‘likes’ on here; the more she gets the more justified she feels. So I’m leaving the issue be. This is the last I’ll speak of it unless things really gets out of hand.

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Anonymous asked: Can you write a six-worder about being in love. And loving someone unconditionally, for the rest of eternity. Being hopelessly in love without a say. A story like "the notebook" if you know what it is.

Love will conquer, pillage and plunder.

kanekiiiii asked: Can I have a six worder about feeling comfortable in your sadness and loneliness? Even though you crave love and happiness, you dont work actively towards it, because you are somehow, happy in your unhappiness.

Eyes, adjusted to darkness, dismiss light.

Anonymous asked: I want to be loved but push everyone away, because I feel they'll leave me anyways... Can i have a six-worder...

 Self-fulfilling prophecies aren’t made by prophets.